In this podcast episode, we delve into the intriguing intersection of data centers and film. Join us and listen to our guest, Mél Hogan, shedding light not only on the fascinating connections between these data infrastructures and the world of cinema but also on the profound environmental impacts of data centers.


Credits:  Dominik Schrey (Jingle & Interlude); Antoine Albertelli & Rebecca Boguska (Cut & Final Mixdown); University of Passau & Multimedia Lab, Brown University (Infrastructure)

Sound Samples (Jingle & Outro): Arch418,  tosha73, kickhat, klankbeeld (freesound.org)

Dr. Mél Hogan

Dr. Mél Hogan is the host of The Data Fix podcast, Director of the Environmental Media Lab (EML), and an Associate Professor in Film & Media at Queen’s University. Her research focuses on data centers and “digital humans” – each understood from within the contexts of planetary catastrophe and collective anxieties about the future.

Rebecca Boguska

Rebecca Boguska is a recipient of the Postdoc.Mobility fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation. Her postdoctoral research project, “Watery Assemblages,” focuses on contemporary coastal research centers and research practices related to the scientific investigation of water movements.