TCK. A Podcast Series About Film Outside of Cinema

The podcast series engages with the potential spaces in which we encounter filmic images in our everyday lives. On smartphones or billboards, in airports, in our working environments and laboratories – but always outside of the cinematic dispositif. Together with their guests, Rebecca Boguska and Sophia Gräfe discover cultural phenomena and visual worlds that would not have existed without film.


Created with the generous support from the Graduate Research Training Program “Configurations of Film.”


Visualizations imagined by midjourney.


In this podcast episode, we delve into the intriguing intersection of data centers and film. Join us and listen to our guest shedding light on the connections between these fascinating data infrastructures and the world of cinema.


In this episode, we discuss the unique connection between supercomputing technology and the visual representation of climate data in moving images, offering insights into how these powerful tools contribute to our understanding of environmental changes.


Welcome to our podcast series where we explore the world of film in some unexpected places, and most likely outside of the movie theatre. In this episode, we're diving into a concept that will take us from laboratories to forests, nightclubs, data centers, and waiting rooms, and that concept is TCK.


In our episode on the lab we will explore scientific spaces and animal-human entanglements, which are largely based on cinematic practices outside of cinema.


The forest is one of the most exciting spaces that are being discussed right now as sites of moving images. In this episode, we will explore the recent fascination with plants together with a number of interdisciplinary experts.


In our episode on the club, we discover spheres of art underground and club culture. What kind of historiography do we need to (re)invent in order to do justice to cinematic forms of knowledge beyond the mainstream?