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Cinematic techniques have been operating in a wide range of cultural practices beyond the classic dispositif of cinema. Configurations of film have appeared in unexpected locations and unsuspected forms, formats, usages, and temporalities, from architectural design to the production of scientific evidence, from social interaction to the organization of labor, the enhancement of sports performance, formal and informal education, warfare, legal procedures, and so on. Drawing on the notion of tacit cinematic knowledge, the conference explored the groundwork for theorizing implicit epistemic templates configured by film forms and techniques. It was an attempt to expose inconspicuous cinematic performers shaping daily activities and modes of observation, especially where one least expects to encounter films.


Sept 24 2020

3:00—3:20 pm
Henning Schmidgen
Moderation: Vinzenz Hediger
4:00—4:30 pm
Hongwei Thorn Chen, Oliver Gaycken, Benoît Turquety
Moderation: Rebecca Puchta
5:30—6:00 pm
Vinzenz Hediger, Felix Simon, Anupama Surendranath
Moderation: Marin Reljic

Sept 25 2020

4:00—4:30 pm
Andrea Mariani, Haritha Ramachandran, Takuya Tsunoda
Moderation: Guilherme Machado
5:00—5:20 pm
Philipp Röding
Moderation: Philipp Dominik Keidl
6:00—6:20 pm
Jie Li
Moderation: Weihong Bao (Video Response)

Sept 26 2020

3:00—3:20 pm
Teresa Castro
Moderation: Sophia Gräfe
4:00—4:30 pm
Andrea Gyenge, Jelena Rakin, Claire Salles
Moderation: Laliv Melamed
5:30—6:00 pm
Vinzenz Hediger, Kristina Köhler, Marc Siegel
Moderation: Rebecca Boguska and Philipp Röding
Organizing Committee
Rebecca Boguska, Guilherme da Silva Machado, Rebecca Puchta, Marin Reljic, and Philipp Röding
Technical Moderators
Nicole Braida, Alexander Stark, and Antoine Prévost-Balga
Scientific Committee
Marie Sophie Beckmann, Rebecca Boguska, Nicole Braida, Vinzenz Hediger, Karin Fleck, Philipp Keidl, Andrea Polywka, Antoine Prévost-Balga, Rebecca Puchta, Marin Reljic, Philipp Röding, Guilherme da Silva Machado, Laliv Melamed,  Verena Mund, Alexander Stark

The official language of the conference was English.